Birmingham woman takes to social media to help friends impacted by record flooding

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 7:45 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Birmingham woman is taking to social media to help a young family impacted by last week’s flooding.

She’s hoping her message will inspire others to rally behind them.

We’ve heard so many stories about people who were impacted by the record flooding last week, and the Moser family was also hit hard.

The family lives in Cahaba Heights in an area that doesn’t normally have problems with flooding.

They opted out of getting flood insurance and lost quite a bit in the flood.

All of this started last Wednesday night.

Fran Moser said she and her husband Rob had just put their four small children to bed when she heard the sound of a door opening from downstairs.

She went to investigate what was going on and was met with a flood of brown water gushing into the lower level of her home.

She said it didn’t take long for the water to rise past the doorknobs and she feared it would reach the second floor.

Moser said everything on the bottom level was destroyed including their two vehicles, the HVAC system, washer and dryer, sheetrock, and all the toys and furniture in the playroom.

Lynze Bandy said she felt compelled to do something for the family, so she posted about their situation on Facebook.

“The kind of people you want to support. They’re just…they’re hardworking, they serve and give out, and do so much for others. Anyone who knows them loves them. They’re just that kind of family, and so it’s just an easy family to rally behind,” Bandy said.

“I knew that I was loved, but it’s just been super overwhelming. So, we are just super thankful for our community and for my husband’s workplace, and all our friends and family, and our church home. It’s just been such a blessing during such a weird time,” Moser said.

The Mosers are staying with family until they can get back into their house, but Lynze Bandy’s Facebook post is definitely helping.

With the support of the community, the Mosers have been able to replace many of the items they lost in the flood.

If you’d like to help, you can Venmo them @frances-moser.

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