Parents react after kids may soon be able to get the COVID vaccine

Published: Nov. 2, 2021 at 5:23 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A CDC advisory panel recommended emergency authorization Tuesday for the Pfizer COVID vaccine for 5-11 year old’s. The CDC director still must sign off on the recommendation.

For some parents, getting their children vaccinated may be a hard sale. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only three in ten parents are excited to get their children vaccinated in that age group. Another third is taking a wait and see attitude. And there is a another third that says they will not be getting their children vaccinated.

Some parents who are fully vaccinated say they want more information before getting their children those shots. Parents are concerned about potential long-term effects and if there may be required vaccinations.

Alabama infectious disease doctors say the Pfizer vaccine is safe and effective.

We spoke with a young mother who has those questions, especially since her young child has a health condition.

“My son has epilepsy, so I’m a little concerned especially since he is at the lower level of the age bracket if it would complicate things with his disability. And I’m also concerned because I heard things about the heart inflammation,” said Brittany Cosby.

Another mother who has young teenagers but delayed getting them vaccinated until now has this advice for all the parents struggling with this decision:

“Trusting the pediatrician that has known your child. Known your child’s history and getting their opinion is what I would do even over my own because this is what they do for a living,” said Charlotte Adams.

Mrs. Adams has young girls who are older than this age group, but she too hesitated to get them vaccinated but now plans to get them those shots. She said talking to your pediatrician is key.

Cosby plans to talk to her doctor to get the latest information before making the decision.


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