UAB TRIP Lab offers tips to get safely to your Thanksgiving destination

Published: Nov. 22, 2021 at 4:39 PM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Many of you are hitting the road for the Thanksgiving holiday and UAB wants to help you arrive safely so you can celebrate with family and friends.

Dr. Benjamin McManus with UAB’s TRIP Lab said no matter the time of year, whenever you’re behind the wheel - driving should have your full attention.

He recommends making all necessary preparations before you even get in your car.

Dr. McManus said planning is key.

He said if you plan to drink alcohol, set up a plan for how you’ll get home later.

He said if you feel differently, chances are you’ll drive differently, and making decisions while impaired is a recipe for disaster.

Dr. McManus said an additional four million drivers are expected to be on the roads this year compared to last year and that means a lot more people behind the wheel.

He said car crashes tend to increase during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Last year alone during the Thanksgiving holiday there were about 300 deaths all of which are preventable. In about half of those deaths, there were no seatbelts being worn. So, there are things we can do within our control to buckle up, to drive the appropriate speed, to pay attention, make sure we are not distracted, and that we’re not drowsy if it’s a long trip to give our full attention and our full capabilities toward that task of driving,” Dr. McManus explained.

Dr. McManus said there has also been an increase in risky driving behaviors like speeding and distracted driving since the pandemic, so his best advice is to be a defensive driver, get plenty of rest, and don’t drive impaired.


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