Another Norfolk Southern train stalls on the tracks in Trussville

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 9:16 PM CST
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TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WBRC) - Another Norfolk Southern train is stalled on the tracks causing traffic nightmares for the people of Trussville.

The mayor said it’s going on nine days now, and folks who live here say the train is nuisance that prevents people from enjoying all the city has to offer.

When the Norfolk Southern train stopped at the intersection of South Chalkville Road in Trussville, John Oliver thought it would only be there a short time.

But minutes turned into hours, and hours have now turned into more than eight days.

“It’s frustrating to say the least,” Oliver said.

He said there are a lot of great things about Trussville, including a new entertainment district, but it’s been a struggle getting there.

“Especially in the morning when everyone is trying to get to school, and then in the afternoon, early afternoon when everyone’s trying to get their back from school, and then the traffic around 5 when people are coming back from work,” Oliver explained.

Mayor Buddy Choat said he first noticed the train stalled last Sunday and has called every day since trying to get help.

“We can’t seem to get the right answer. I was told about an hour ago that they have been out here three times with crews to move this train. Unfortunately, there’s some mechanical issues, and why they don’t just pull the train in, I don’t know,” Mayor Choat said.

WBRC’s requests to get an on-camera interview with Norfolk Southern were denied.

In an email, a spokesman from the rail company said Trussville sees these issues more pronounced at Chalkville Road because of its proximity to the Irondale Rail Yard bringing a lot of traffic adding that solutions to solving the congestion issue are not overnight fixes, though they are working on them.

In a statement, the company said, “We never want to inconvenience any member of the community with a blocked crossing. Sometimes trains do have to wait for a variety of reasons – whether congestion up the line, letting other trains pass, or even to comply with federal regulations. Our scheduling teams make every effort to minimize these impacts and we prioritize getting and keeping trains moving safely.”

“I do believe they’re gon’ move the train. I wish it had already been moved. I do expect it to move hopefully by the end of the day or by tomorrow at the latest,” Mayor Choat said.

Mayor Choat said the City of Trussville has no recourse.

There is no way to take action against Norfolk Southern in terms of fines or other enforcements to keep it from blocking intersections.

WBRC also reached out to Rep. Danny Garret who said he is aware of the problem, and is doing everything he can at the state level to get to the problem resolved.


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