Dora Police officer wins 1st place in national mustache contest

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 1:40 PM CDT
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DORA, Ala. (WBRC) - Dora Police officer Adam Smalley won first place at the Honest Amish 2022 Great American Beard and Mustache Championship.

Smalley placed first in the natural mustache category, and second in imperial mustaches at the contest on June 25 at Snowbird, Utah.

Mustache competition.
Mustache competition.(Source: Adam Smalley)
Mustache competition.
Mustache competition.(Source: Adam Smalley)

He has been with Dora Police for seven years.

“I started looking up crazy beard designs and saw a link for competitions, and it took me to the 2022 Honest Amish Great American Beard & Mustache National Championship website being held at Snowbird, Utah. I thought that would be kind of cool to enter something like that, and started looking up past winners in the Mustache categories. So, I started asking some of the guys at the local Barber at Old 64 to see if [they] thought I had what it took to to compete. [They] said it most definitely felt that mine was a great quality mustache and had a great look to compete. So, I sent them a message to see what I needed to do and I entered. Plus, it gave me a great reason to see parts of America I have never seen before. Because until then, I haven’t been past Tyler, Texas,” said Smalley.

Smalley said he started growing the mustache a little over a year ago.

Mustache competition.
Mustache competition.(Source: Adam Smalley)

His advice for growing out facial hair: “Don’t listen to any of the negative comments of what people say, because if I cared about what people thought about my mustache I wouldn’t have it. When I started growing mine out, it started out as a joke, but I kind of lost track of time and started noticing lots of people complementing me on it. Even when I would be at work, I noticed that little kids would speak to me calling me Mario and Luigi. Now, I know my mustache is a little bit longer than what you would normally see a police officer have, but it was great being able to have a mustache like mine bring out the happiness and laughter in kids and people. What’s the point of living if you can’t laugh at the little things, right?” Smalley said. “Obviously, a lot boils down to genetics and being able to grow facial hair. But you can take vitamins, eat a lot more leafy greens, and good beard oil helps with exfoliating the skin.”


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