Kentucky flood victims hours away from receiving much-needed TLC from Northport

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 5:18 PM CDT
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NORTHPORT, Ala, (WBRC) - The news out of Kentucky seems to get more grim by the hour. The death toll now stands at 37, according to authorities in Kentucky. But help is on the way by way of Northport in Tuscaloosa County.

It all gets underway at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, five truck loads of much-needed supplies headed to Lynch, Kentucky, courtesy of more than 100 people here in Tuscaloosa County.

Eula Brown saw the suffering but also an opportunity, a chance to quench the thirst of hopelessness seven hours away, bottled water along with a prayer the burden will ease up a bit for those going through a very difficult time in the floods.

“We are blessed. God has blessed us to be a blessing to others,” said Brown.

“We’re collecting items such as food products and baby supplies,” said Bobby Herndon.

Herndon is organizing the trip, trip number 12 to various disasters for Herndon who was not only taught growing up to help those in need but took his generosity to a higher level after the 2011 tornado in Tuscaloosa. Herndon makes it a point to travel far and wide because he knows what storm victims endure; the confusion, the hurt and the sadness that never seems to dissipate.

“If ever given the opportunity to help someone, then the citizens of our community have always been very responsive,” he said.

The trailers are filling up quickly and Herndon will need to somehow make room for what’s piling up in his surveying office in Northport; computers, ear phones and clothes. The donations you see here represent the giving of 150 people and counting. Brown is among them.

“It’s a chance to demonstrate that love. I am just grateful to be a part of this,” said Brown.

Off to Lynch, Kentucky, starting at 3:30 Wednesday morning, truck loads of love from Northport.

Because Herndon has made so many of these types of trips over the years, the Northport City Council will soon rename this part of 28th Street to Benevolent Way to honor the contributors who have given so much through the years.


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