Law enforcement prepared for the Friday night lights

Published: Aug. 20, 2022 at 12:06 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Football teams have been preparing all summer for the return to the gridiron, but they are not the only ones hoping preparation pays off this season.

Both the Shelby and Jefferson County Sheriff’s offices say this has been a focus for months. However, a few of the deputies will be more involved than others when it comes to protecting the community on Friday nights.

“I think some of our greatest unsung heroes here in Shelby County law enforcement are our school resource officers,” said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Major Clay Hammac.

Major Hammac stresses the SROs will be critical this football season.

“Our school resource officers trained all summer long while some people were enjoying a vacation with their family. Think like your football teams. You have summer training camps. The same is kind of true in some sense for our school resource officers. They are sharpening and honing those skills. They are making sure they are keeping their campus safe and they are thinking about contingency plans, updating safety plans,” said Hammac.

The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office will even send their SROs on the road to help protect the team.

“The SRO for the school will generally always travel with the team and it is possible that other deputies will go with them. Depending on what resources are at that team,” said Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief David Agee.

While staffing is a concern for some departments, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief David Agee stresses these environments are too important and large to go in understaffed.

“There will be those that you see and those you won’t see. There will be those inside the stadium and outside the stadium. The amount depends on the crowd size, the high school, the situation, but we will get enough to cover it,” said Deputy Chief Agee.

Both Sheriff’s offices do stress the importance of community involvement. If you hear or see a situation escalating at the stadium, they ask you to alert law enforcement right away.


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