Tuscaloosa PD implements 4-day workweek for some

Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 3:43 PM CDT
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - More companies are looking at a four-day workweek to recruit employees in what is becoming a very competitive workforce.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department started testing the concept of a four-day work week one month ago with its patrol division. With a staff of more than 300, the department is experimenting with new four-day work schedule with one division. So far, so good.

Chief Deputy Sebo Sanders said, “It’s too early to declare the formula a success but the feedback has been very positive so far. The patrol division has around 200 officers, all work 10 hours, four days a week with three days off to rest and decompress.”

“One of the benefits is it gives us more patrol officers on the streets. Secondly, they have a little more downtime to spend time with their families and just enjoy life,” Sanders said.

And this appears to be a major part of life for so many other businesses across the country. Dr. Maura Mills with the University of Alabama says the biggest benefit for employers is productivity. For the employee?

“For the employee there is an improvement in overall well-being and they feel the company respects and values their time and work with the company,” Mills said.

“It was a department wide idea.” An idea that seems to be going over well with the patrol division one month later, and one that could permeate to the rest of the Tuscaloosa Police Department down the road.

For now experts said the standard 9 to 5 shift is beginning to lose its grip on many American businesses but Dr. Mills cautions it’s not for every business or industry.

“A company that needs to stay in touch with their clients 5 days a week, obviously that’s going to be a lot harder,” said Mills.

We checked with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department and they’re doing the very same thing, a schedule that started 12 years ago.


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