Tide win over Utah State is a gift that keeps on giving

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 3:53 PM CDT
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A big weekend not only for the Crimson Tide, but also for businesses along the Strip and beyond. What made economic impact noteworthy is the fact this was Alabama’s first home season opener in 10 years, which meant up until last weekend, the Tide opened its season at neutral sites. That benefitted establishments along the Strip. One place in particular - Glory Bound.

Gatlin Chichester admitted he was a little tired, but wouldn’t trade it for anything considering the weekend Glory Bound had.

“Saturday morning was pretty busy leading up to everybody getting ready for the game, and once the game started it was still pretty busy having all the students come in,” said Chichester.

And they were still coming in on Labor Day. With no classes to worry about, the Strip was busier than normal for a holiday weekend. The drinks got filled, and food ordered. The game is long over, but the impact keeps on giving. Glory Bound served around 2,000 customers on Saturday alone, and it was almost as busy on Sunday.

“People coming in from out of town - Utah State fans leaving after a pretty bad loss, and to give them something to remember food-wise if they don’t remember the game,” he said.

Garrett Hopper and his wife gave up the idea of cooking out for lunch, but instead decided to make it a day eating out.

“We were looking for something - I mean, bar-b-que just wasn’t cutting it today. We were going across the street that was closed so this was an alternative,” said Hopper.

Alabama won, and so did businesses along the Strip and beyond, including hotels. They get to enjoy it all over again when LA-Monroe comes to town in two weeks.

Based on history, Chichester says the crowds are always larger when Bama matches up with a SEC opponent. That’s set for Sept. 24 when Vanderbilt comes to Bryant-Denny.