Two fatal hit and runs have left families devastated in Jefferson County

Family of hit-and-run victim speaks out
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 8:14 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - This morning’s hit and runs happened less than 24 hours after another deadly hit and run in Jefferson County. Two families within two days now trying to cope with tragedy.

Stephanie Schillaci and her family mourning the loss of her uncle Teddy Self. He was killed Thursday afternoon in a hit and run crash on Lock 17 Road.

“We are hurting bad, especially my mom and my dad,” said Schillaci.

Her uncle Teddy Self was checking the mail near his house on Lock Road 17 in Jefferson County when deputies say a black Ford F-150 came around the corner and hit him.

“He wasn’t walking the streets, he was going straight over there to check the mail,” said Schillaci. “He was at the mailbox. She went on the other side of the road, struck him, and that is when he flew.”

Schillaci says her uncle collided with a nearby telephone pole.

Her father gave Self CPR until first responders arrived, but his injuries were too severe.

“My daughter just keeps asking like now inside, ‘Momma where is Uncle Teddy?’ She is five, she don’t understand but they were close.”

Defense Attorney Roger Appell says a hit and run is a felony and if convicted, it will almost always add time to the driver’s sentence.

“If you leave the scene of the accident where it happened and there is an injury, death or any kind of injury, you are looking at a felony that is irrespective of all the other charges. That is a felony within itself. You face one to ten years in prison plus fines,” said Appell.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says they do have a suspect, but a warrant has not been issued.

Birmingham Police also releasing a statement for both drivers and pedestrians:

We advise citizens to cross at crosswalks and not in the middle of the road. We also encourage fewer distractions when walking. Headphones and texting causes pedestrians to possibly miss the audible clues that a vehicle is approaching. We need the basic principles we were taught as children. Look both ways.

Additionally drivers need to be aware especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic. We have people that are walking from work, school, to restaurants and deserve to enjoy the city. Distracted driving can also be a factor in vehicles striking pedestrians.

When we all work together, we can have a safer Birmingham.


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