Huffstuttlers Hardware, longtime Homewood business announces it’s closing

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 10:56 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Huffstutlers Hardware is closing up shop after more than eight decades.

“Huffstutlers Hardware has actually been around 85 years,” store associate, Gary Martin said.

Martin had been around  for 24 years. He was hired in August 1998.

“Oh yea, that’s a lot,” he laughed.

For Martin, working at Huffstuttlers was like working with family but soon the chapter would come to an end.

“The owner’s going to retire and we’re going to sell the building,” said Martin.

The building off of Central Avenue in Homewood sold quickly he said. The new owner had plans to rent the space to new businesses.

“It’s just a part of it. 85 years. 1937,” Martin reminisced.

A part of business: when one chapter closes, another begins.

City Council President Alex Wyatt and Councilor Nick Sims said the city is developing from Green Springs to 18th Street.

“The focus is improving what currently exists, redeveloping, increasing connectedness between residents and services,” Councilor Sims explained.

“We’ve worked on the North end of 18th street. One side of the street had already been completed. The median has been completed.  We’re working on the west side which is under construction right now and should be wrapped up soon,” Wyatt added.

Sims and Wyatt said the city strongly supports small businesses.

“We try to do things that allow for businesses to come and be successful,” said Wyatt.

For Martin, Huffstutlers Hardware had a successful run.

“Sad to see it go, but it’s a part of life. We’re just looking forward to the future,” Martin concluded.

Everything in Huffstutllers is on sale.

Martin said the store planned to close in November.


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