Neighbors in McCalla worry about who is living in ‘communal living’ facility

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 7:46 PM CDT
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MCCALLA, Ala. (WBRC) - There’s more concern over a communal living facility in McCalla.

We first told you about this facility back in March when it was still under construction.

It’s open now, and neighbors in the High Forest Lake Community said they’re concerned about who’s living there.

One neighbor, who we’ll call “Edward,” did not want his face on camera because he’s worried about retaliation, but he did agree to a phone interview and said the owner of this facility lied about who would be living there.

“Edward” said he and his family used to feel safe living in the High Forest Lake Community, but he said that’s no longer the case.

“I don’t allow my daughter who’s 17, I used to allow her to walk around the neighborhood, go to friends’ houses, stuff like that. Not any longer. She’s got to drive, and she’s got to check in as soon as she’s there. I don’t plan to sell my house, but I did up my security,” “Edward” said.

But other neighbors are moving.

Ana Nunn is the former neighborhood president.

She spoke to WBRC back in March about her concerns but moved just a few months after the interview saying she just didn’t feel comfortable with the facility in her backyard.

“Edward” said a convicted sex offender is living just steps away from his neighborhood, and he found about it when his wife received a notice Wednesday from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

“He was convicted in ‘99, spent 20 years in prison for it and this place is housing him,” “Edward” explained.

The notice from the Sheriff’s office shows the man was convicted of raping an adult woman.

Broken Vessel Baptist Church purchased the site of old Tannehill Haven Assisted Living building and started fixing it up back in February.

In March, Pastor Don Moulton told WBRC the building would house a communal living facility for people 19 years of age and older.

Another member of the church confirmed that, saying the facility would help people who are just getting out of the hospital but can’t necessarily take care of themselves.

Neighbors said they were promised no drug addicts, convicted criminals, or sex offenders would be living there, but that promise was broken.

“I mean…it’s not going to end well. In my opinion, what’s the cost here? Do people start raising alarm, getting involved when a child gets hurt, God forbid? Or someone in the neighborhood gets hurt? Or houses begin to get broken into? I mean…if this guy’s housing one convicted criminal, it raises an eyebrow as to how many other are being housed there,” “Edward” said.

We also reached out to Jefferson County where leaders there said Broken Vessel has followed the proper channels to operate a communal living facility.

They said the pastor may have broken his promise, but he’s not doing anything illegal.

We tried several different phone numbers to reach Pastor Moulton, including a number listed on the church’s Facebook page, but none of those numbers worked.

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