Director of Broken Vessel Communal Living Facility seeks to put concerns to rest

Concerns over communal living facility in McCalla
Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 9:17 PM CDT
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McCalla, Ala. (WBRC) - Staff and residents are speaking out after neighbors in the High Forest Lake Community expressed concerns about who’s living there.

Chasity Maxie spoke to the director of the Broken Vessel Communal Living Facility this afternoon.

The director said this communal living facility is just that: a place for people who have nowhere else to go, and no one else to turn to.

She said the community has gotten the wrong impression of the facility and invites them to come check it out for themselves.

“It’s been real, real hard for me because we’ve worked really hard to get where we’re at, and we’re not here to mess up the community or bring any bad to the community,” said the Director of Broken Vessel Communal Living Facility, Laterrya Moulton Porter.

The Broken Vessel Communal Living Facility has been in business for more than 8 years.

Leaders said they help people whose families can’t take care of them full-time.

They moved from Hueytown to McCalla and opened a little over a month ago at the old Tannehill Haven Assisted Living building — a move some neighbors were uneasy about.

“We’ve been here a month and none of our residents have ended up their neighborhoods, none of them have been out of place, or anything. We’re in our little circle and we’re minding our business and doing what we’re supposed to do,” Porter said.

Neighbors voiced concerns about who was moving in fearing it would house convicted criminals.

The latest concern came when the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released a notification saying a sex offender was living at the facility.

He was using the address as his living address.

“The guy never got a foot in the door. He did not get here. He did an application; his sister took an extra step and went ahead and registered him before we even got him in the building,” Porter explained.

The director for Broken Vessel said she understands why neighbors would be concerned, but says the scrutiny is unwarranted.

“Every day my people are coming in here, ‘Ms. Moulton, Ms. Moulton, it’s somebody outside or they’re flashing a light at us, or we’re scared.’ They’re nervous. They’re staying in their boundaries, but they’re still being…they hear it, they see the news. ‘Why are they picking on us? We don’t have anywhere to go. We just want to live,’” Porter said.

Porter said she wants to put any concerns about the facility to rest, inviting the community to visit the facility to see what goes on there.

She maintains that there are no drug addicts, convicted criminals, or sex offenders living at Broken Vessel.

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