6 On Your Side Update: B’ham neighborhood residents see results after months of calling 311

Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 8:22 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - There were sounds of progress in the Riley neighborhood Wednesday morning, less than 48 hours after WBRC aired a story about neighbors’ requests to 311 going unfulfilled.

“About 7 o’clock I heard a whole bunch of noise, so I looked out the window and it was the city out here cutting the grass.”

Charleen Bledsaw said she’d been calling 311 since April trying to get the city of Birmingham to mow overgrown grass and remove debris from ditches.

She said the eyesore was a breeding ground for snakes and rodents and caused the ditches to overflow when it rains.

“It means a lot, but I hated that I had to get on television in order for it to get done,” Bledsaw said.

She said she’s pleased with the cut grass, but feels the city still needs to do more.

“I’m happy with the results, but they got to come back and make airways for the ditch so the water can flow through. They could come out every quarter, every six months and keep the grass down,” Bledsaw said.

Bledsaw said the city also promised it would be back to pick up a pile of garbage just steps from her driveway, and she said she’ll continue holding the city’s feet to fire until the abandoned homes are torn down.

“I’ll give them about two weeks just to see will…anything or if I hear anything and then after that, I’m gonna start calling 311 again about the abandoned houses. Just stay on 311 and call FOX6 On Your Side,” Bledsaw said.

The city said the abandoned homes belong to someone and there are certain legal protocols it must follow before it can start tearing down those homes.

The city said neighbors should continue calling 311 about their concerns.

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